Key Steps to Master the Art of Storytelling



Do you know story writing is known as an art? Or have you ever given a thought on why story writing is an art? Many of you will say yes or some might say that they never thought this way. Take a moment and think about what is art and why storytelling is classified as an art. You can also take help from an essay writer.


We all know that story writing requires creativity and imagination besides other important elements of story writing. That is what we normally take a story as, but now think of what is art?

If I am not wrong, you will say that art is also a diverse range of expressing imagination and creativity involving emotion, beauty, and technical proficiency. This is why we call storytelling an art because it has all the elements of it.


Storytelling is a process where you utilize narrative and facts to communicate or transfer something to your readers or the audience. A common thing about the stories is that they can be both factual and non-factual but no matter what they are; they will always serve a purpose. They are told with such delicacy and embellishment that the intended message these stories carry is better explained.


When you plan to tell a story in a written form, what do you think you need to keep in mind to convey the exact story prominently and overwhelmingly? As an essay writer, you should know that whatever you write and say, there is always a purpose behind it. So do you need to know why stories are told before mastering their art?

When we say any text is a story; it can serve three purposes as it can be written for the sole purpose of entertainment, to sell, to educate, or to brag. Stories are the ways through which you can deliver complex messages and abstract concepts.


Storytelling is always an important part of our lives. You may have heard several stories since your childhood. There are different forms of stories but all of them serve the same purpose.

Stories are crucial as they are liable and capable of inspiring and motivating their audience. This is why when you are to tell a story you have to be a master at the art of storytelling. Only in this way, you will become an expert in your way to tell an overwhelming piece of the story.

Here, I will tell how a good story is told and you can adopt these strategies when you tell a story to make it better.

When you tell a story, there is always a relation between the teller and the readers. A good story is always educational, entertaining, organized, universal, and memorable.


When you write, be sure that your story is educational because good stories add to the reader’s prior knowledge and arouse curiosity. It also needs to be entertaining to keep the readers engaged and interested in the events told in the story. The more entertaining and captivating a story is, the more you can attract potential readers to it.

The organization is very important when you tell stories. Follow the sequence of the events and the message that is to be conveyed to the readers by your writing. The more organized and sequential your story is, the more your story becomes better.

One more important aspect of stories is that they are universal, written for the global audience. Readers can relate to the stories and can arouse their experiences and emotions that they have gone through. If not experience, then the theme of the story or the intended message in it are always universal.


Who can call you a good storyteller? Of course, your readers but think of a way that your readers will remember you and your story forever. Try to make your story memorable; it can be achieved by anything, maybe humor, a scandal, inspiration, or any such delicate and captivating piece of the story that sticks to the mind of the reader.

This is the way to engage your audience and make your audience more comfortable and connected to the story. When I write my essay, I also keep three other important elements in storytelling to make my story more creative and innovative.

These three components are the characters, conflict, and resolution.

You must be fairly aware of these terms and how much they are important in storytelling. There is no story without a character; there can be at least one character in the story around which the story revolves. The character of a story acts as a bridge between the storyteller, you, and the audience. It is the art of depicting a character that the audience feels either empathetic or sympathetic with the character of the story and its situation.

The other thing is the conflict which refers to the challenges that arise in the stories and the character overcomes these challenges. This is the point where all the emotions of the story are at a maximum.

With all this, the resolution that comes at the end of the stories is of significant importance. It is the end where the characters of the story come to their end. A lesson or message of the story is finally revealed. The resolution wraps up the story with a clear boundary of what has happened to the characters.


By practicing and learning this process, you can master the art of storytelling. But you are very much familiar with the fact that there is always room for improvement. Consult a essay writing service to guide you in mastering the art of storytelling and to make you more proficient and professional.

The more you practice an art, the more you learn. Therefore, practice writing the stories to become a master.








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